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Friday, October 26, 2007

Spark Creativity!

Arts and crafts are a must for elementary age children. This usually works well about 2 hours before school is over. This is when kids start getting disinterested and tired. Seasonal projects work really well. In the fall go outside and pick up pretty leaves and let them decorate cards or bulletin boards. In the winter let them cut snowflakes from paper, make colored paper chains, or string popcorn to decorate the Christmas tree. Pine cones may be collected and dusted with glitter, or painted with craft paints. These look nice on the tree as well or you they may use them to decorate their work areas. Spring brings new life, so let them plant a seed and put it in the window. This could double as a science project. The ideas are limitless. The main thing is to keep it educational and of course fun! Any ideas you want to share? Post a comment!

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