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Monday, October 22, 2007

Find Out What Fits You!

One thing about homeschooling is that it is so flexible. You can actually tailor make your curriculum and activities for each child. Each child learns in his or her own way, and cookie cutter programs just won't cut it. So many intelligent children in schools across America look like they're not smart only because they are being taught in ways that don't suit their needs. The best thing to do, is to find out "how" your child learns. Is she one that works well independently and enjoys a lot of solitude? Is he an energetic boy that loves "hands on" projects and experiements and is a visual learner?
I have just described my two school age children to you. They are from the same family, have the same Mom & Dad, do many of the same things together, but they have very different learning styles. They are unique individuals. To try and teach them with identical methods would be unfair and very frustrating for both my kids and me.
So I must find ways to meet both their needs. For my daughter, I can assign her work and she'll do it. For my son, I must give him mini breaks in his book work and implement things that will reinforce his work. Like a computer Math game that is teaching the same level of Math that his book is currently teaching, or a science project that will reinforce his science lesson. These are some examples that can be done for the visual learner. You can make your own, there are so many ideas out there, and so many ways to have fun while teaching your kids.
Remember, this will not only impact them for life as far as education goes, but the quality time they spend with you will be forever priceless.

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