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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Display Your Homeschool Pride!

Do you ever have to run to the library with your kids on a "school day" or want to go out for lunch, and you're tired of people asking why your kids aren't in school? An easy and affordable way to take care of this problem would be to make an outing uniform. Take a plain,white T-shirt or sweat shirt, and make an iron-on transfer for it stating your homeschool pride. You can make these transfers right from your own computer! Just design what you want on your computer, and buy the blank transfers from your local craft store or eBay, and print them off! Iron-on and you have a nice-looking outing uniform! Now folks can see that although you're "out" your children are in school! Another way is to buy pre-made homeschooling tees at!


hgpmomma said...

Hey! Great idea!!! What do you suggest to put on the T-shirts? I know sometimes I feel like putting...Quit staring I home-school....but thats not very nice. Usually when I go out everyone asks...Is school out today?
I have got a lot of very nice comments for homeschooling though.
The key is to act confident to those who question.

Blessed and More Blessed said...

Well, hgpmomma, it might be a good idea to give your homeschool a name and a motto, and print these on your shirts. For example my homeschool name and motto... Hearstrings Homeschool Academy - Where the Heart Is Tuned for Life.

You were right when you said to be confident to those who question...hold your head up high and proclaim your homeschool pride! You are giving your children your best - you are giving them you!